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Through Carburized 20MoCr4 Steel, 26-Hour Atmosphere Cycle versus 36-Hour Vacuum Cycle

In this article we will compare two through-carburized 20MoCr4 steel iterations. The composition of the 20MoCr4 steel is shown below in Table 1. Iteration #137 was atmosphere through carburized using the traditional 927 °C, twenty-six hour cycle which provides a … Continue reading

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Hardness versus Fatigue Strength

In the previous article we examined the relationship between hardness and tensile strength for the AISI fatigue database iterations through 141. As the hardness increased the tensile strength also increased for a majority of the steels and the relationship was … Continue reading

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Additional Data on the Effects of Cooling Rate on the Overload Fatigue Properties of Carburized Steels

In the previous post (Dec. 30, 2016), the effects of cooling rate on both constant amplitude and overload core fatigue properties of a carburized Ni-Cr-Mo alloy steel (4320) were compared.  As was noted, the study involved subjecting steel bars of … Continue reading

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