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The Effects of Sulfur on the Fatigue Properties of Low Alloy Steels

It is well known that sulfur has a major impact on some of the properties of low alloy steels.  Sulfur is present in the form of manganese sulfides, which are highly plastic at hot working temperatures.  As a result, during … Continue reading

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Comparison of Through-Induction Hardening with Conventional Hardening

Two methods are often used to through harden and low alloy steels.  The well recognized conventional hardening method involves heating to an appropriate austenitizing temperature for a specific length of time in a furnace with or without a protective atmosphere. This … Continue reading

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Repeatability Study: SAE 4140 Steel

As part of the development of the Bar Steel Fatigue Database, AISI undertook a limited investigation to examine the amount of scatter that might be expected from fatigue data. Of particular concern was scatter that might result due to securing … Continue reading

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